Diefenbach, a really cool Danish indie band, have allowed us to feature an instrumental version of one of their most amazing tracks “A Rock in a Pond” as the soundtrack for “Ground Effect” from their album "Dark Spinner".


Glenn was really excited as an indie developer about the prospect of teaming up with an indie band; much has been made recently about the cross-promotional possibilities and it makes sense that if gamers habitually listen to music on their iPhones it would be shame not to use the opportunity as a game developer to introduce them to great bands they might otherwise have not been exposed to.


The vocal version of "A Rock in a Pond" is now also available to download from iTunes and for more information about the band, have a look at their website at 



Many, many thanks to Diefenbach, especially Lasse Lyngbo, to Pam Douglas who liaised with the band & drafted the synch agreement, to Ronnie Elmhirst for the brilliant suggestion and to Tom Elmhirst for very generously sorting out the mastering.


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