Ground Effect

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Developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Ground Effect is an exciting, fast-paced, arcade style ekranoplan racer.  It boasts incredible 3D graphic detail, never before seen in any game of its type.  The gameplay itself will appeal to lovers of fast-paced, competitive action genres as well as those who prefer something more sedate and relaxing.

Players can choose to follow one of the pre-prescribed routes and accumulate points by successfully steering through check points, or simply ignore the markers and guidance and choose to explore the road less travelled.


Ground Effect has been featured by Apple under "New & Noteworthy" (UK only) & "What's Hot" categories and has also had a number of very positive reviews (check out the News page for more).
Ground Effect Version 1.2 with OpenFeint is now on sale!  It's packed with exciting features including OpenFeint and stereo 3D  and can still be downloaded over Edge/3G thanks to advanced compression techniques. What are you waiting for? Download it now! 




"amazing looking... The environments are very beautifully rendered"  Slidetoplay

"stunning graphics... Like Wipeout, the best levels become somewhat Zen-likePocketgamer

"The landscapes look great as you're speeding along... the game just plays well"  Appadvice

"extremely impressive draw distance ...along with silky smooth framerates"  Toucharcade

Original gameplay trailer featuring Diefenbach's in-game instrumental soundtrack


Here's the very latest video showcasing the the updated features and the original vocal Diefenbach


  • OpenFeint with achievements
  • Driver/1st person camera view
  • Stereo 3D option
  • Free-play practice levels
  • Control sensitivity adjustment
  • Re-designed user interface
  • Faster running speed
  • Smoother animation - up to 60 FPS on iPhone 3GS
  • Easier access to user's iPod

  • Choice of 14 challenging levels
  • Choice of 10 different Ground Effect craft
  • Tilt/accelerometer – touch or tilt to steer
  • Stunning terrains (both land and sea) spanning 70 km2
  • Free roaming – explore at will
  • Attain speeds of up to 400km/h
  • Impressive draw distance
  • Sensitive and intuitive flight controls
  • Throttle speed controller
  • High score recording
  • Replay & ghost-race modes
  • Boost control
  • Day and night scenarios