Stereo 3D



This mode also works with Red/Green and Red/Blue glasses as used by many movies including: Hannah Montana, Polar Express, Barbie, Shrek, Spy Kids 3D, Shark Boy and Lava Girl. These are also compatible with NASA’s Earth & Sun in 3D and the spectacular Mars 3D images sent back by the Spirit and Opportunity rovers currently exploring the planet Mars.

Movie Theater glasses

Grey tinted polarised 3D glasses as used in Movie Theaters are not compatible with Ground Effect as they require special screens and projectors.

Note that the 3D effect works much better on the iPhone or iPod Touch than it does in the Youtube video.

3D glasses are available on eBay and other online stores. For best results get the Green/Magenta versions.

How it works

To create a stereoscopic 3D image the screen has to be drawn twice. This means that stereoscopic mode runs significantly slower than standard mode and works best on faster devices such as the iPhone 3gs and 3rd generation iPod Touch.

Stereoscopic mode runs on older devices at a reduced but still playable frame rate.

This version of Ground Effect has been optimised so that it is even faster than before in standard, non-stereoscopic mode.

Remember, Ground Effect does not require 3D glasses.